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What Americans call liberals today are essentially the old guard commies with a new name, but their agenda is still the same. Here''s how they work. Rather than use truth and proof, which rarely fits what their plan for us is, they lie a thousand times and so convincingly that many people will believe it. This works for them, because their trick is to name a study or a poll or a book that doesn't exist, to send those that actually want to do any back checking, on a wild goose chase. But even that is misdirection, since they are only making claims of the moment, to set their claims in your mind. Even with a netbook, their claims would be impossible to verify, "in the moment". You see what I mean? And by the time you are half way through your check, they are onto another lie. They are good at this, they have a hundred years of deep study into the way our minds work and how to twist and manipulate the essentually honest persons mind. Brainwashing. And this is where you get the libtard.

The way to defeat them is this. The moment you get that little internal voice telling you that "hey, there is something fishy about that explanation" That is the time to stop listening to there turds and walk away. That voice is your subconscious at work warning you, and it has a million years of study and practice at seeing deception in everything around us. It's called a survival instinct. And it is always right. All you have to do is listen to it.

The one thing that makes the commie a true terrorist of the day is the TV and the media that has stolen the TV for it's own use. The lies I just described work not only with the human voice, but in all kinds of media. Some of that media works a hundred times better than the voice. Images are the most powerful way to set a lie in a persons mind. Images alone, but also used with the comletely illegal trick of "subliminal advertising". that is a term that if you are not familiar with it, you really need to look it up on Google. It is so insidious, because it works on your subconscious. You do not even need to be looking at your TV and be full aware. If your eyes are on it, but you brain and mouth is talking to someone else, your brain is still imprinting this hidden message, which will then bubble up out of the subconscious into you conscious brain and change even the way you think.

Sounds like a load of flatulence doesn't it? But subliminal advertising is so well known, that laws have been passed to forbid it's use. But that has not stopped the libtards. It not so hard to detect when you know what's happening. Practice your skills on the upcoming libtard advertisements. I bet you will find some.

subliminal advertising illegal - Link

SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES - video examples. Link

The libtard will stop at nothing to convince you of his message. The prize for them is the world, and if you forget that and let them win, you will lose your freedom and ultimately your life, cause the libtard does not contribute nor does it share. They are all alike and they never change. Even if they appear to change, they still walk around with that little spark of hope that if they wait till the hunt for them is over, they can come back with their message of hope that is a lie. But this makes it simple for the free man to win over them. Simply ignore them. If you ignore them, already knowing that anything and everything they say is a lie, they lose all power to manipulate you. Simple as that. Marginalize them and they wither away.

Libtards are weeds. They are exactly like weeds. They come in all guises. With constant vigilance, they can be "weeded" out and removed from sight and mind. But they are always among us, waiting for us to drop our guard and almost overnight, they will be back, attacking everything that is good we have built for ourselves. In no time at all, they can take over everything and turn it back into a jungle. Look at the vomit, and what he has done in less than 6 years. Need any more proof? Do nothing now and you can only imagine what it will be like in another 6 years. Especially if the killery bitch gets her way.