Wisconsin Bird Photography


  Ruby Throated Hummingbirds - La Crosse Wisconsin

These images were taken near a hummingbird feeder in my back yard. There are two females and one male using this feeder and the males mating flights started a few days ago, June 3, 2007 or so. All images were taken with a Canon 30D and a Sigma 50-500 [Bigma] lens with a 20mm Kenko tube behind it. Shot from a window hide from about 14 feet away and even so, all images have been cropped to some degree. Enjoy. :o)

I have moved the stick holding the hummingbird feeder a little closer to my window hide a few days ago. These birds are so tiny that even with a 500mm lens, the images require a big crop to show any details of the birds. The feeder is now just 6 feet away from the lens and the birds ignore me while I take their pictures. They are also very hard to shoot, even though they are that close. Being so tiny, the focus square in the camera has a hard time finding focus on them.

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