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  Brown-Headed Cowbirds - La Crosse Wisconsin
Brown-headed Cowbirds are about the size of a Robin and have one of the sweetest dispositions of any bird I have seen. They don't fight the other birds and I have never seen them do more than squabble among themselves, never getting physical. they are a joy to watch and photograph, becoming quite tame and use to human presence. Aside from all that, they have one little habit that humans find disgusting. The females lay their eggs in other birds nests, to raise. EEEK you say, but hey, little cowbirds have to come from somewhere and as you will see in the Northern Cardinal slideshow, the babies raised by other birds are loved and taken care of by the "parents" as if they were really their own, something us humans can't always claim. I find the Brown-headed Cowbird beautiful and fun to watch. Enjoy.
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