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  Belted Kingfishers- La Crosse Wisconsin

Now here's a bird that just likes to mess with a photographers sanity. Skittish and very fast fliers, they don't like photographers. Or maybe it's just being stared at. While they seem to ignore people moving on a path, as soon as you stop or do anything but keep moving, they are off to another perch along the river.

The first set of Kingfisher shots in the slideshow were taken along the Mississippi River, right in downtown La Crosse Wisconsin in February, when the river was frozen over except for one open spot about 3 acres big. Eagles, ducks and an occasional gull were also hanging around, but I was pretty surprised to see a Kingfisher, and hovering over the water for minutes at a time, as can be seen in the slideshow.

The last set were taken in mid July along the La Crosse River, more like a big creek in Myrich Park. He was quite cooperitive once he got use to me and I got quite a few decent shots of this male Belted Kingfisher. Enjoy

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