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  Baltimore Orioles - La Crosse Wisconsin

Baltimore Orioles are turning out to be very shy and hard to lure out into the open where I can get good pictures of them, no matter what the books say about them. I have one that sits in a huge Maple tree over the house, just out of sight and sings all day. When I try to set the camera up for a shot, he flys across the road til I have given up, then comes back to my tree and sings some more.

Some of the photos in this slideshow were taken at Goose Island County Park, and I was just lucky to catch him in a tree near where I was parked. The others were shot in my back yard, while I was sitting in my window hide. Just a chance thing that he got curious and came down to a perching stick set up near a feeder to look around. He must have just been curious, as they don't eat seeds. I have heard they like oranges and grape jelly, which I have out for an offering, but so far, he has ignored both, while a Catbird that is almost tame likes them very much, along with the suet cake put out for the Woodys.

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