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  American Goldfinch - La Crosse Wisconsin

The American Goldfinch is one of my favorites. Sweet little birds with a sweet disposition and an even sweeter song, they flit around all day having fun. Very small birds, they are bundles of energy that never stop moving and are always a joy to watch and photograph. They change colors and feather pattern in late spring, from their non breeding plumage and it's quite dramatic to watch it happen over a few weeks time.

I needed to put up a simple finch feeder to entice these birds into my yard. While they will eat common generic birdfood, they can't resist the Niger seed in tube feeders. Which is nice, cause other birds like Niger seed also, but can't easily manage the perches on the little tube feeders. House Finches, a slightly larger bird will sometimes hog the feeder, just to pester the Goldfinches, which fly around frantically, trying to scare away the House Finches, who simply ignore them, until they get tired of the game. It's hilarious to watch this happen. Enjoy.

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